Guide Books

GB 63-1 Guidebook, Second Regional Field Conference Southeastern Arkansas Valley and the Ouachita and Frontal Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas
GB 67-1 Field Trip Guidbook, Central Arkansas Economic Geology and Petrology
GB 68-1 The Atoka Formation in North-Central Arkansas
GB 73-1 A Guidebook to the Geology of the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas
GB 73-3 Guidebook to Lower and Middle Ordovician Strata of North-Eastern Arkansas and Generalized Log of Route from Little Rock to Batesville, Arkansas
GB 73-4 Field Trip Guide to Four Major Mines in Central Arkansas
GB 74-1 Arkansas-Texas Economic Geology Field Trip
GB 77-1 Guidebook to the Geology of the Arkansas Paleozoic Area, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas Valley and Ouachita Mountains
GB 78-1 A Guidebook to the Atoka Formation in Arkansas
GB 79-1 A Guidebook to the Ordovician-Mississippian Rocks of North-Central Arkansas
GB 79-2 Geologic Float Guide on the Upper Buffalo National River
GB 79-3 Field Trip Guide to Three Major Mines in Central Arkansas
GB 79-4 A Guidebook to the Second Geological Excursion on Lake Ouachita
GB 80-2 A Guidebook to Southwestern Arkansas
GB 81-1 Field Guide to the Paleozoic Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains and Arkansas Valley Provinces, Arkansas
GB 82-1 Field Guide to the Magnet Cove Area and Selected Mining Operations and Mineral Localities in Central Arkansas
GB 82-2 Guidebook to the Eastern Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas
GB 84-1 A Guidebook to the Post-St. Peter Ordovician and Silurian and Devonian Rocks of North- Central Arkansas
GB 84-2 A Guidebook to the Geology of the Central and Southern Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas
GB 86-1 Guidebook: Economic Geology of Central Arkansas
GB 86-2 Sedimentary and Igneous Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, Part I
GB 86-3 Sedimentary and Igneous Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, Part II
GB 86-4 The Tertiary and Quaternary Geology of Crowley's Ridge: A Guidebook
GB 86-5 Field Trip No.1: Magnet Cove Intrusion, Novaculite (Tripoli and Whetstones), and Quartz Crystals
GB 92-1 A Guidebook to the Highway Geology at Selected Sites in the Boston Mountains and Arkansas Valley, Northwest Arkansas
GB 93-1 Scales of Geological Heterogeneity of Pennsylvanian Jackfork Group, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas: Applications to Field Development and Exploration for DeepWater Sandstones
GB 93-2 Guidebook to Carboniferous and Early Paleozoic Shelf and Basin Facies in Central Arkansas
GB 94-1 Guidebook to Paleozoic Rocks in the Eastern Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas
GB 94-2 The Jackfork Formation of Arkansas: A Test for the Walker-Mutti-Vail Models for Deep-Sea Fan Deposition
GB 2010-1 Geologic Float Guide to Big Piney Creek, Helton's Farm to Twin Bridges, Pope County, AR
GB 2010-2 Geology of the DeGray Spillway, Arkansas: A Geologic Excursion Through Rocks Deposited in an Ancient Ocean Basin
GB 2016-1 Fayetteville Shale Field Trip, North-Central Arkansas
GB 2018-1 Geologic Float Guide on Beaver Lake Surrounding Rocky Branch Public Use Area
GB 2021-1 Earthquake feature recognition workshop/field trip II