Landslides in Arkansas

Landslides cost billions of dollars worth in damage every year in the United States. Here in Arkansas, landslides often occur in association with road building, where excavations into the hillsides have over-steepened and reduced natural slope stability. Over-steepening of slope and removal of vegetation combined with large amounts of rainfall contribute to landslide development. A great deal of time and money is invested to repair damage to roadways and property every year in Arkansas. Click on General Information to learn more about the causes of landslides in Arkansas.

The picture on the left is the picture of a landslide that occurred on Highway 65, south of Marshall, Arkansas, was taken in 2008 by Erin Smart of AGS.

Hundreds of landslides have occurred throughout the State of Arkansas. Keeping track of every landslide event is a difficult task. The Arkansas Geological Survey documents numerous landslides each year; most of which are reported by the citizens of Arkansas. Several of these landslides are currently being monitored. The following landslide case studies have been prepared by geologists at the Arkansas Geological Survey and are grouped by county. Click on your county of interest to learn more about the geologic setting and causes of landslides in

Landslide Case Studies By County

Cross County

Village Creek State Park Landslide
Learn more »

Boone County

Blackjack Lane Landslide, Harrison
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Garland County

Landslides of Hot Springs

Hot Springs National Park is known for its many geological wonders. To accommodate the expansion of attractions, the landscape around the thermal springs has been changed to suit the growing economic needs. In the 1800’s, construction workers blasted back the toes of West, North and Hot Springs mountains leaving nearly 100 feet vertical “high walls”. Over time, substantial commercial buildings were constructed against the exposed rock cliffs, some as few as 10 feet away from rock exposures. Because of this, the spa city has endured a long history of geologic hazards. Landslides are a threatening reminder of the precarious interplay between geology and economic development.

Crushed Duck Landslide Learn more »
Hot Springy Dingy Store Landslide 1995 Learn more »
The Arlington Landslide 1984 Learn more »
Southern Club Rock Slide 1966 Learn more »

Newton County

Debris Flow on Highway 374
Learn more »

Pope County

The Pottsville Landslide
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Searcy County

Richland Creek Road Landslide
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Van Buren County

The Greers Ferry Landslide
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Additional Landslide Resources

Don’t be caught off guard. If you live in a region in Arkansas that is prone to landslides, it is important to recognize landslide warming signs. The following links will provide valuable tips. Contact the Arkansas Geological Survey if you have further questions or feel that you may be at risk.

Landslide on road
Crack in highway pavement