Well Cuttings, Core Inventory, and Well Logs

The Arkansas Geological Survey (AGS) is the curator for the Norman F. Williams Well Sample Library and maintains well cuttings and core samples as a permanent record of rock strata that have been penetrated by wells drilled in Arkansas. The well samples are used by state and federal agencies, academia, industry, and the general public for geological research. There is no charge for an onsite examination of the cuttings and core. No sample materials are permitted to leave the premises at any time for inspection. The AGS has the discretion to permit or deny permission for the destructive analysis of the well samples and this determination will be made on a case-by-case basis based on the quantity of material that is present and the historical and scientific value of the sample. Under no circumstances will there be permission to consume or alter well samples if insufficient material is determined to be present by the AGS. Upon completion of any examination or analysis, the thin sections, polished sections, etc. become the property of the AGS, along with any raw data, such as chemical analyses, written descriptions, plan maps of well locations, cross-sections etc. All materials and information associated with the samples will be sent to the AGS in a mutually agreed upon time frame.

The Arkansas Geological Survey's Well Sample Library is contained in a building 85 feet wide and 260 feet long. This building has 18,125 square feet of floor space divided as follows: AGS Learning Center, 5,465 square feet; AGS Well Sample Library, 9,540 square feet.

The Well Sample Library presently contains:

An examination room is provided in the sample library. The examination room is equipped with microscopes, lamps, examination tables, core tables, chairs, wash sinks, maps, telephone, drinking fountain, heating and air conditioning. Click here for the core and cutting sampling policy.

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Electronic logs

Electronic logs are a powerful tool for geologists to characterize the subsurface. This is a collection of electronic logs available for many of the oil and gas wells in the state.

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Strip Logs

Strip logs are a great way for the underlying geology and lithology of Arkansas to be studied. When a well is drilled, the different geologic units and data about the layers are documented based on their depth below the surface. These subterranean representations are useful tools in understanding and interpreting changes in and continuity of the geology over time.

Strip logs are essential to geology and their preservation is pertinent to the continuation and further understanding of Arkansas and other geological topics and areas.

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