The AGS has started an Arkansas Geology Educational Series (A.G.E.S.). Each pamphlet is numbered A.G.E.S. 1-7 and is in PDF form for easy viewing and printing.

Arkansas Quartz Crystals (A.G.E.S. 1) PDF

Finding Diamonds in Arkansas (A.G.E.S. 2) PDF

History of Bauxite in Arkansas (A.G.E.S. 3) PDF

Magnet Cove (A.G.E.S. 4) PDF

Geology of the Saline County Xenolith and Surrounding Area (A.G.E.S. 5) PDF

Stone used in State Capitol (A.G.E.S. 6) PDF

Arkansas Dinosaur (A.G.E.S. 7) PDF

Arkansas's Oldest Rock - Metagabbro PDF (printable version) PDF

Drawing of Quartz Crystal by Gibbs Magnet Student

Illustration By Gibbs Magnet Student, Little Rock