Educational Workshop Series

The Arkansas Geological Survey participates with Science Specialists throughout the state to provide instruction through workshops on various topics of earth science. The workshops are written to teach the teacher the science, with the Arkansas Science Curriculum in mind, so that they can take the information back to the classroom. At each workshop a guidebook is provided for the teacher. The workshop booklets have been formatted into our Educational Workshop Series and are available for download. If you have questions or comments on how to make these materials better please contact Angela Chandler at 501-683-0111 or

EWS-1 Introduction to Minerals and Rocks – with special emphasis on Arkansas materials.
EWS-2 Relative Age Dating with special emphasis on Arkansas materials
EWS-3 Regions and Landforms in Arkansas
EWS-4 Geologic float on Lake Ouachita from Lake Ouachita State Park
EWS-5 Karst Old and New along the Buffalo National River
EWS-6 "Mining, Minerals and More" in the western Ouachita Mountains
EWS-7 Arkansas Geology: Karst and Caverns
EWS-8 Arkansas Geology: Bluffs, Crevices, Pedestals, and Fossils
EWS-9 Arkansas Geology Outdoors: Exploring the Upper Buffalo River Region