Geologic Field Books

GFb-1904-1 Notes on Batesville, Independence County, AR Area
GFb-41-1 Ozone #2
GFb-45-1 Coal Thickness and Cores in AR
GFb-47-1-V1 Magnet Cove, AR; Plane Tables Vol.1
GFb-47-2-V2 Magnet Cove, AR; Plane Tables Vol.2
GFb-47-4-V2 Magnet Cove, AR; Notes vol.2
GFb-47-5-V1 Magnet Cove, AR; Notes Vol.1
GFb-47-5-V3 Magnet Cove, AR; Notes Vol.3
GFb-50-1 Foundry Sand
GFb-51-1 Newton & Searcy Counties, AR
GFb-51-2 Mt.Judea #11
GFb-52-1 Mt.Judea, Logs
GFb-52-2 Measured Sections, Snowball Quadrangle
GFb-52-3-V1 Magnet Cove, AR; Plane Tables Vol.1
GFb-52-4-V2 Magnet Cove, AR; Notes Vol.2
GFb-53-1 Mt.Judea, Snowball Quad
GFb-53-2 Measured Sections in AR near Mt.Judea quadrangle
GFb-53-3 Measured Sections in AR
GFb-53-4 Measured Sections in Mt.Judea area in AR
GFb-54-1 Madison County Coal & Oil Seeps
GFb-56-1 Foundry Sand
GFb-56-2 Mt.Judea Quadrangle Notes
GFb-WS-56-2 Well Samples from the East Barber Section
GFb-56-3 Mt.Judea Quad Notes
GFb-57-1 Measured Sections near Piney Creek
GFb-57-2 Mt.Judea
GFb-57-3 Army Core Holes Samples & Descriptions
GFb-57-4 Fieldbook, Notes on Various Areas in AR Including Malvern
GFb-58-1 Greers Ferry Dam #5
GFb-58-2 Mt. Judea Quadrangle
GFb-WS-58-3 Well Samples from the Paris Lake East Section
GFb-59-1 Ozone #3
GFb-59-2 Ozone #4
GFb-59-3 Mt.Judea quadrangle, Oil Seeps
GFb-59-4 Ozone Quadrangle Notes & Sections; #1
GFb-59-5 Geology of Sorghum Hollow Section & Scranton Quadrangle
GFb-59-6 Geology of Little Shoal Creek & South Central New Blaine Sections
GFb-59-7 Geology of Oklahoma and Northwest AR
GFb-61-1 Field Geology in Western AR
GFb-61-2 Geology in T-10N
GFb-WS-61-3 Coal Thickness Well Samples in the Sugar Loaf Mountain & East Midland Peak Sections
GFb-64-1 Measured Sections in Peyton Creek,Phosphate Prospect
GFb-65-1 Natural Gas in various parts of AR
GFb-65-2 Plummers Knob Section
GFb-77-1 Mt Judea; Grand Glaise
GFb-89-1 Mt Judea; Grand Glaise
GFb-03_04-1 Notes: Statemap Areas 2003-2004
GFb-03_04-04_05-1 Notes: Statemap Areas 2003-2005
GFb-04_05-1 Notes: Statemap Areas 2004-2005
GFb-06_07-1 Notes: Statemap Areas 2006-2007
GFb-06_07-2 Notes: Statemap Areas 2006-2007
GFb-07_08-1 Notes: Statemap Areas 2007-2008
GFb-07_08-2 Notes: Statemap Areas 2007-2008
GFb-07_08-3 Notes: Statemap Areas 2007-2008
GFb-11_15-1 Notes: Statemap Areas 2011-2015
GFb-WS-V1 Well Samples Volume 1
GFb-WS-V2 Well Samples Volume 2
GFb-WS-V3 Well Samples Volume 3
GFb-WS-V4 Well Samples Volume 4
GFb-WS-V5 Well Samples Volume 5
GFb-WS-V6 Well Samples Volume 6
GFb-WS-V7 Well Samples Volume 7
GFb-WS-V8 Well Samples Volume 8
GFb-WS-V9 Well Samples Volume 9
GFb-WS-V10 Well Samples Volume 10
GFb-WS-V11 Well Samples Volume 11; Green County
GFb-WS-V12 Well Samples Volume 12; Washington County
GFb-WS-V13 Well Samples Volume 13; Cleburne County
GFb-WS-V14 Well Samples Volume 14; Pope County
GFb-WS-X-8 Well Samples from the Copperas Gap Area
GFb-WS-X-9 Well Samples from the Hollis Section
GFb-X-1 Blue Mountain and Magazine Mountain Quadrangles in AR
GFb-X-2 Greenwood Quadrangle in AR
GFb-X-3 Coal samples in AR
GFb-X-4 Bigfork Womble in AR
GFb-X-5 Sections of Philpot Coal
GFb-X-6 Geologic Notes of the Lavaca Quadrangle
GFb-X-7 Sections of Coal Along AR 27-S/AR 7-S from Russellville to Dardanelle, AR