Information Circulars

IC-1 A Barite Deposit in Hot Spring County, Arkansas
IC-2 Cinnabar in Southwestern Arkansas
IC-3 Black Marbles of Northern Arkansas
IC-4 Earthquake Risks In Arkansas
IC-5 Discovery of Rock Salt in Deep Well in Union County
IC-6-V1 Elevations In Arkansas Volume I
IC-6-V2 Elevations In Arkansas Volume II
IC-6-V3 Elevations In Arkansas Volume III
IC-6-V4 Elevations In Arkansas Volume IV
IC-6-V5 Elevations In Arkansas Volume V
IC-6-V6 Elevations In Arkansas Volume VI
IC-6-V7 Elevations In Arkansas Volume VII
IC-6-V8 Elevations In Arkansas Volume VIII
IC-6-V9 Elevations In Arkansas Volume IX
IC-7 Directory Of Arkansas Mineral Producers For 1935
IC-8 Geology of the Arkansas Bauxite Region
IC-9 Mineral Production Statistics of Arkansas for the Period 1880-1935
SUPPLEMENT TO IC-10 Supplement to IC-10 List of Arkansas Oil and Gas Wells: Data from November 1, 1936 to January 1, 1955
IC-12 Lower Cretaceous and Jurassic Formations of Southern Arkansas and Their Oil and Gas Possibilities
IC-13 Tertiary Limestones of Pulaski and Saline Counties, Arkansas
IC-14 Petroleum Geology of the Smackover Formation of Southern Arkansas
IC-15 Clay Resources of the Wilcox Group in Arkansas
IC-16 Ceramic Evaluation of Arkansas Nepheline Syenite
IC-17 Sample Descriptions and Correlations for Selected Wells in Northern Arkansas
IC-18 Origin and Occurrence of Barite in Arkansas
IC-19 Subsurface Geology of Northwestern Arkansas
IC-20A Geology of Delaware Quadrangle, Logan County and Vicinity, Arkansas
IC-20B Geology of Paris Quadrangle, Logan County, Arkansas
IC-20C Geology of the Barber Quadrangle, Sebastian County and Vicinity, Arkansas
IC-20D Geologic Formations Penetrated by the Shell Oil Company No. 1 Western Coal and Mining Company, well on the Backbone Anticline, Sebastian County, Arkansas
IC-20E Geology of Knoxville Quadrangle, Johnson and Pope Counties, Arkansas
IC-20F Geology of the Greenwood Quadrangle, Arkansas-Oklahoma[Also published as USGS Prof. Paper 536-A]
IC-20G Geology of the Scranton and New Blaine Quadrangles, Logan and Johnson Counties, AR [Also published as USGS Prof. Paper 536-B]
IC-20H Geology of the Coal Hill, Hartman and Clarksville Quadrangles, Johnson Co., Arkansas
IC-20I Geology of the Van Buren and Lavaca Quadrangles, Arkansas-Oklahoma
IC-20J Geology of the Knoxville and Delaware Quadrangles, Johnson and Logan Counties and Vicinity, Arkansas
IC-20K Low-Volatile Bituminous Coal and Semianthracite in the Arkansas Valley Coal Field
IC-20L Inventory of Surface and Underground Coal Mines in the Arkansas Valley Coal Field
IC-20M Data For the Assessment of Federal Coal Resources of Arkansas
IC-20N Water Quality and Quantity in Abandoned Underground Coal Mines of West-CentralArkansas and Use of Surface Electrical Resistivity in Attempting Quality Determinations
IC-21 Subsurface Geology of Pre-Everton Rocks in Northern Arkansas
IC-22 Geology of the Uranium-Bearing Black Shale of Late Devonian Age in North-CentralArkansas
IC-23 Mercury District of Southwest Arkansas
IC-24 Antimony District of Southwest Arkansas
IC-25 Silurian and Devonian Rocks of Northern Arkansas
IC-26 Earthquakes and Earthquake History of Arkansas
IC-27 Manganese Resources of the Batesville District, Arkansas
IC-28A Chemical Analyses of Lignite from the Wilcox and Claiborne Groups (Eocene), Southernand Eastern Arkansas
IC-28B Stratigraphic Framework And Distribution Of Lignite On Crowley's Ridge, Arkansas
IC-28C Arkansas Lignite Investigations
IC-28D Water-Resources Appraisal of the South-Arkansas Lignite Area
IC-29 General Geology and Mineral Resources of the Caddo River Watershed
IC-30 Petrographic Analyses of Early and Middle Ordovician Age Rocks in Montgomery County, Arkansas
IC-31 Landslide features of Crowley's Ridge
IC-32 A Regional Survey of the Distribution of Mercury in the Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas
IC-33 Rare Earth Elements in the Cason Shale of Northern Arkansas: A Geochemical Reconnaissance
IC-34 Heavy Sands of the Tokio Formation in Southwest Arkansas
IC-35 A regional Survey of the Distribution of Silver, Arsenic, Chromium, Copper, Nickel, Leadand Zinc in the Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas
IC-36 Stratigraphic Summary of Arkansas
IC-36B COMBO SET Stratigraphic Summary of Arkansas - Arkansas Geologic Map (Combo-set)
IC-37 Organic Geochemistry and Thermal Maturation Analysis within the Fayetteville ShaleStudy Area - Eastern Arkoma Basin and Mississippi Embayment Regions, Arkansas
IC-38 Natural Gas Potential of Pennsylvanian Tight Sandstone Reservoirs—Frontal Ouachita Fold and Thrust Belt, West-Central Arkansas
IC-39A Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Shell Rex Timber No. 1-9 Well, Southern Ouachita Fold and Thrust Belt, Clark County, Arkansas
IC-39B Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Shell Arivett 1-26 Well, Southern Ouachita Fold and Thrust Belt, Pike County, Arkansas
IC-39C Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Shell International Paper No. 1-21 Well, Southern Ouachita Fold and Thrust Belt, Hot Spring County, Arkansas
IC-40 Geochemistry and Thermal Maturity Analysis of the Fayetteville Shale and Chattanooga Shale in the Western Arkoma Basin of Arkansas
IC-41 Geology of the Pea Ridge and Garfield Quadrangles, Benton County, Arkansas
IC-42 Geology of the Big Flat and Buffalo City Quadrangles, Baxter, Marion, and Searcy Counties, Arkansas
IC-43 Unconventional Reservior Characteristics of the Brown Dense Mudstone (Lower Smackover Formation), Sessions No. 1 Well, Union County, Arkansas
IC-44 Hydrocarbon Potential and Reservoir Characteristics of the Arbuckle-Knox and Elvins Groups in Northeastern Arkansas
IC-45 XRD Analysis and Petroleum Potential of the Eagle Mills Formation and Paleozoic Rocks in the Subsurface, South Arkansas
IC-46 Potential for Additional Natural Gas Storage Capacity in the Arkoma Basin in Arkansas
IC-47 Petrographic analysis of diagenetic trends and porosity types in the upper Smackover Formation, southwestern Arkansas