Geologic Map of Arkansas

AGC/AGS Series State Map Series
Number Series
Title Geologic Map of Arkansas
Author (s) B.R. Haley and Arkansas Geological Commission staff
Date 1993, revised from 1976 edition
Scale 1:500,000
General Description

Shows geological formations for the state with major fault lines.

  • Wall-size map that shows county boundaries, major cities and some highways and national forest boundaries.
  • Information Circular 36, Stratigraphic Summary of Arkanas, may be purchased with the Geologic map of Arkansas as a Combo-set for $24.00 plus shipping
  • Full Color Map
  • Size - 53" x 34"  (~8 miles/inch)

(Map may be ordered rolled and shipped in a tube or folded to large envelope size, shipping varies)

Availability Yes. Paper copy or free download.
Price A paper copy is $20.00 or download it for free.
Effective April 1, 2019 Arkansas State Geological Map will be print on demand. If requesting more than 5 copies it will take a additional time to fill request.
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